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  • 24/01/2015 12:48

    We Produce and Distribute Films on Contractual Basis.

    We Produce and Distribute Films on Contractual Basis.   1.      $5 M for Production 2.      $2M for Distribution 3.      Service charge- $2M You will own all rights. We will write, produce and distribute your Film. You...

  • 07/12/2013 11:57

    New Film Project Listed

    London Marshall -I (Legacy of Sin & The Lords of Raisina Hill) Listed for shoot. Novel adaptation    The Novel will be launched soon adn followed by  shooting will be started. Investment requiemenr for theis Movies:   Production adn pre-production - $5 Million. Marketing...

  • 21/03/2013 12:23

    LONDON MARSHAL - II(THE SIGN ON THE RING) -Movie project listed

    LONDON MARSHAL - II (THE SIGN ON THE RING) 120 Minutes - Crime Thriler English Script Completed It will belaunched as a Novel and followed by Movie. Total Budget : $5 Million. Invest in IVT- Movie Projects Now: Click...

  • 21/03/2013 12:10

    New Novel launch - Behind the Ful Moon - 2013 Sept.

    New Novel launch in 2013. Title: BEHIND THE FULL MOON 300 PAGES Price: 11.99  paerback Price: 19.99 Hard Bound Invest in IVT -Book projects now: CLICH HERE: p

  • 21/03/2013 12:08

    New Novel launch -2013 Sept. Legacy of Sin & The Lords of Raisina Hills

    Launching New Novel in 2013 -September. Title: LEGACY OF SIN 7THE LORDS OF RAISINNA HILLS - 300 PAGES Fiction Price:  $11.99 Invest in IVT -BOOK Projects Now: Click here:

  • 21/03/2013 12:05

    New Titles for 2013 Septemeber launch

    The International Voice Tribune's - World Quiz Master  -  750 pages 1. Science 2. History 3. Geography 4. Movies 5. Music Price: $23 MRP Invest in IVT Book Proejcts Now: Click here:  

  • 21/03/2013 12:00

    IVT -Bookstore

    IVT-BOOKS has got many boks on its store on Amazon and other Book platforms. We have launched a few small projects in 2011 an 2012. The response from the readers was encouraging. Click here to see our Bookstore...

  • 05/03/2013 17:57

    $200 Million Investment Opportunities

    We have $200 Million investment opportunities this year. Please go to investors' page and see the details. Start investing and get up to 40% of the net profit as investors' share. Start investing today. You can invest online and direct. CLICK HERE to know...

  • 05/03/2013 17:34

    Invest in Hollywood Movies

    IVT-Films  invites investment for our forthcoming Film production & Distribution projects. We seek $200 Million investment at present from potential investors with 40% annual profit per ennurnwill be distributed among the investors in the month of March. Minimum investment is $10,000 (USD)...

  • 24/11/2012 12:36


    If you want to be the producer but you don't have the experience we can make you the producer of Hollywood Movies we make. If you can invest Rs.25 Cr.//$5Million We will write, Direct, Produce and Edit a low budget Hollywood Movie keeping you as a producer and you will own all rights-including...

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