Invest in Hollywood Movies

IVT-Films  invites investment for our forthcoming Film production & Distribution projects. We seek $200 Million investment at present from potential investors with 40% annual profit per ennurnwill be distributed among the investors in the month of March. Minimum investment is $10,000 (USD) per unit. One can buy as many units he/she desires.


1. Small-  $5 Million()USD).

2. Medium - $10 Million(USD).

3. Average- $ 20 Million (-USD).

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IVT-Films, -a new venture that was conceived with the intent or producing many small budget to medium budget Hollywood type movies who is as of this moment seeking funding managers and potential investment firms for long term business relationships. The investors will receive a net 40% share of the profits annually. 
Hollywood's international cinema business has soared to amazing new heights since 2010. Global box-office receipts for all films released within the last year have reached an all-time high of $31.8 billion in profit, an overall increase of 8% during 2009 only, -according to a newly released report by the Motion Picture Association of America. International revenue jumped whopping 13% between 2010 and 2009. The largest growth rate occurred in Latin America and the Asia Pacific region, which grew a remarkable 25% and 21%, respectively, accounting for $10.8 billion in box-office revenue. It marked the first time that Europe, the Middle East and Africa, which generated $10.4 billion in box-office revenue, accounted for less than half of all international ticket sales. The proportion of digital screens increased dramatically, with one-quarter of all screens now digital. 
We are planning to launch an innovative media company that crafts and produces stories driven by action, cast, talents, and directors leading the industry of cinema. We believe in one solid principle; that every movie should not be expected to be a hit nor expected to be a flop. The movies that we anticipate producing are projected to earn 40% income out of 10-20 movies we are going to produce per annum. From this we calculated to earn $300 million (USD), tentatively spending $200 million for both the production and marketing teams. This project has an earning potential from the theatres sales, DVD rights, TV Rights and games etc. The money that will be generated from these avenues will cover all production and advertising costs associated with movies produced. The movies will be released world-wide, in theatres throughout the United States and offered in different languages to reap maximum revenue from the Global Market. 
Which that being said, we are inviting your firm to invest in the project, we feel confident that we will reach our goal of $200 million.